Shadows and Fog

“Orange” Kim Tillyer 2010

Today has been unbelievably gloomy and disgusting;horizontal sleet,fog and a gloopy mess like frozen wallpaper paste covering the ground. Walking from the car earlier, with a bag of logs, was quite a mission but luckily I kept my feet- unlike the cat who fell down a flooded drain!(she’s Ok, don’t panic.)

Anyway since the whole scene reminds me of that film “Angela’s Ashes” I thought I would show you these pictures ,as an antidote to the grey! Emily Turner also worked at the Golden Lion but she’s in India at the moment and I loved the colours in these market scenes…particularly the orange and bright cobalt blue.Alot of people seem to be using orange at the moment, we must all be needing colour and light in our lives.

You can see more pictures of Emily’s trip on this blog.Meanwhile, back in the frozen North, I’m getting excited about the forthcoming Tillyer Season at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery in London. This e-mail arrived yesterday, along with an invite to the private view…time to start saving up for a train ticket, or four!

Right, time to do some drawing of my own.

(Reading:”East of the Sun and West of the Moon” Old Tales From the North, Illustrated by Kay Nielson and “Fair Play” Tove Jansson. Listening to : “Coldcut” “Walk a Mile in my Shoes”)


2 responses to “Shadows and Fog

  1. Well I guess fate is telling me to pick Angela’s Ashes out of the videos I bought earlier! It’ll be hard not to bee looking for Toast falling down a drain though!

  2. How exciting for you! If I get up to London with work in Feb I will make a point of going to the exhibition. Sorry it’s so gloomy, I hope the warm weather we’ve had today will find it’s way North soon.

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