Grey Gardens

This morning,driving to the village ,we counted colours…grey mostly, with a hint of dirty grey/white, sludge grey/green and brown/burnt orange -from the dead bracken. Its hard to imagine that the fields will ever be green again, it’s like living in a desaturated photograph.Still I wonder if the place where you live affects the colours you choose to surround yourself with, dress in or paint with. Is it time to get a big bucket of white paint and brighten things up a bit…

I’ve been wishing my house was more like that of Tif who writes the Dottie Angel blog, full of light and colour.Another reason to plan some traveling soon…?

Goodness, I’m having trouble aligning these pictures! They show #4 of my Travelling Bear series ( work in slow progress)which are heat transfer and digital print on wool with hand embroidery. I’ve also been making some more of these brooches (below) for my Etsy shop which I need to work harder at if its ever going to make my fortune!

Now, the trouble is I’m also being distracted by Lily the Black Bear who has a webcam in her den in the woods and is about to have cubs apparently. I’ve been spending way too long squinting at indistinct shapes, listening to snuffling bear sounds and its definitely time to get sewing!

Oh, and one last thing…lots of people over on Etsy are offering to donate proceeds from sales to help the Haiti disaster relief effort, just type “Haiti” into the search box.(I will also donate 50% of any sales to

Don’t forget also the silent auctions over on Indifixx and the DEC which has a group on Facebook and links to ways of donating.



4 responses to “Grey Gardens

  1. Thanks for your very kind comment about my embroidery Kim. All is gloomy down South too, I’ve found it hard to get motivated today, and I’m afraid I’ve also now been completely captivated by Lily and the imminent cubs since reading your post!x

  2. Kim – I love your work – the fabrics look so soft . I always like to pause and take in the beauty of your designs. They always make me relax and smile 😀

    Thank you for all the comments you’ve left to encourage me too!

    I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Please see


  3. Kim, I think we may be long lost sisters… LOL… I too had watched and watched the video of Lily. It was pure magic!

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