For the past SIX days I’ve been driven MAD by BT… melting snow and heavy rain had flooded my phone line so I was cut off ;being snowed in was nothing compared to being unable to e-mail,telephone or waste hours on Facebook! So, I would like to nominate British Telecom for the award of most irritating, useless company I have ever had to deal with…congratulations BT.

Anyway, here I am again and as you can see the lack of internet distraction has meant I’ve been busily making new things including these purses and bear brooches.I even dragged myself out in to the garden and did a tiny amount of tidying up, looking for green things starting to emerge.

You’d think nearly a week of silence would give me alot to talk about but my internet blackout meant I missed the exciting birth of Lily the Black Bear’s cub last week…so I’m off now to catch up on all the things I’ve been missing..!

Oh! I almost forgot…I made this brooch last week and donated it to the Etsy shop Hearts For Haiti . All the items in this shop have been donated so that 100% of their sale goes towards helping the relief effort in Haiti.

(Reading: “The Yellow House” Martin Gayford )

One response to “Isolation

  1. Oh no, thought you’d been very quiet. I do
    sympathise Kim, we have finally escaped from BT, but when I was living on my own I was cut off from everything for 6 weeks, a very unpleasant experience.

    But your creations are lovely as usual.
    Oh, the cub, so exciting! so sorry you’ve been missing everything, but thank you for alerting me to this wonderful web cam.

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