Cruiseomatic and the Power of Orange

This week I feel as though I have been catching up on long neglected “personal admin “as a friend of mine describes it,(actually I think he was referring to making sure he’d drunk enough water and had paracetamol by the bed after a night in the pub…).In my case I mean I’ve been sitting for hours putting bank statements in order, paying bills, answering letters and generally clearing out the ” drawers of shame” where a years worth of unopened phone bills lurked! its a good feeling when it’s done.

Getting organised also involved finally getting over to Ripon to meet Moira McTeague of the March Hare Gallery .Moira does lovely etchings of hares and flowers on a press in the gallery,which also has a cafe upstairs. There was some really nice work on show so I was pleased when she took two of my framed pieces and some bear brooches…after the usual thorny subject of pricing ( I really don’t feel as though we were given much help on this subject at college and most “arty” types hate discussing money I think…I’d be interested to hear any thoughts on that subject…)
Next week sees the opening of Tillyer Season at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Cork Street, London. I’m hoping to get down to see the prints (on until the 27th) because they often remind me of places and things from my childhood.”Cruiseomatic”(1972) is an etching of the mustard yellow Mustang we had ; 8Track cassettes of Cat Stevens, Vivaldi and America, giant metal hub caps with the galloping horse and an electric roof.Ah, those were the days…are we there yet?!

Below is a new etching, “Clouds 2010” …I told you ORANGE was the colour of the moment!Anyway, visit if you can.

My ” personal addmin” continues now with a hot bath and an early night reading.


3 responses to “Cruiseomatic and the Power of Orange

  1. I was hoping to go down for a couple of days and pay a visit.
    Might still go have a mooch.
    Let me know if you go and we could meet up if I do end up going.

  2. Hi! Loving the work you’ve been posting recently Kim! … Couldn’t agree with you more about the issue of ‘pricing’ what/how/general thorniness!! … I spent ages reading through the community forums section of etsy recently … I put pricing in as a search term and found loads of really good information. Dunno if it will help – but its worth a look!

  3. your stitch work is so pretty!

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