Poppies and Forget-Me-Nots

“Forget-Me-Not” Kim Tillyer 2010

Happy February! I can’t quite believe it is this time of year again and in 19 days time my little daughter will be EIGHTEEN!!! ….Quickly moving on before you start doing the maths and buying me a zimmer frame…

I have now finished #4 of the Traveling Bear series and have been selected for a place in PoppyTalk’s themed Handmade Market. I decided to take part in this online market ( you pay for a “virtual” table which is then promoted on the blog) because the theme was based on the fact that the Winter Olympics 2010 are being held in Vancouver, home of “PoppyTalk” and also, as some of you know, the reason and inspiration behind much of my work….( Grrrr!).My work will be on its virtual table from February 15th until March 12th.

“Let Go” Kim Tillyer 2010

Last night after a day at work and a nasty headache, I got carried away doodling with some pen and ink and this is the result.I’m going to steal the pens from Jake’s room later and see if the effect works just as well with other colours…

So, since I’m paying good money I’d better get busy making sure I have more than two things to exhibit at PoppyTalk! I’ve also got lots more brooches to make for The March Hare, so bye for now.

(Listening to: Lily the Black Bear‘s cub,”chittering” )


3 responses to “Poppies and Forget-Me-Nots

  1. Lovely pieces as always. Congratulations to your daughter. I do know what you mean though, my eldest neice is getting married this year, and I’ve no idea how she’s become old enough.Where does the time go?

  2. this is a beautiful doodle

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