Walk Unafraid

Well I seem to have been wandering around lost in thought for the past few days; not somewhere I recommend spending too much time, the inside of my head! Today, a fresh fall of the right kind of snow ( the sort that clings to every branch and freezes the inside of your lungs) seems to have given me a little more motivation, thank goodness. Realizing I have only 5 days left before I need to start uploading images to Poppytalk Handmade and have yet to finish the batch of brooches promised to the March Hare Gallery, drove me back to my favorite sketchbook for a bit of inspiration.

It probably seems crazy to be getting my inspiration from a place I’ve never been and an animal I’ve never seen when I’m surrounded by the beauty of the North York Moors, HOWEVER, since this PoppyTalk thing is meant to be all to do with Vancouver I’m hoping my mild (ha ha) obsession might make sense to someone! Right now I’m just feeling slightly smug about the fact that i’m sitting here surrounded by gorgeous snow while the organizers of the Winter Olympics are having to fly snow in to Vancouver because there is none on the ski slopes!!

Anyway, back to the grindstone for me.Caffeine and a small Jura should help the creative process. x

( I haven’t forgotten about that anti-valentine giveaway, just trying to decide on a thing to give…)

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