Fragments of a Lost Story

“Left in The Cold” Kim Tillyer 2010(detail)

Well, I feel as though I’ve achieved something today; I survived working Valentine’s Day at the Golden Lion, sortedout my Etsy/Poppytalk listings, organized and labeled  files of paperwork and even managed to eat some actual fresh vegetables for my supper, instead of toast!

This canvass is now finished and hanging in my virtual gallery at PoppyTalk handmade. Even if I don’t sell anything I’m enjoying a weird sense of excitement about it because its a whole new audience and you just never know who might be looking; also it feels a bit as though the bears have gone home…it was all about Vancouver after all.

“Left in The Cold” Kim Tillyer 2010(detail)

Its been lovely reading your comments on the previous post…so nice to see some new names and also to hear your song suggestions, many of which I’d never heard of ,so I need to check them out!

“Air Mail” Kim Tillyer 2010

This is another of the things I’ve been doing lately; a little square canvass with some lovely vintage lace, as well as paint, embroidery and collage.The quote on the side is from “Atonement” but you know, I think we’ve all said it at one time or another…

Now after my busy day I think I’m going to have an early night…I’m re-reading “Moominland Midwinter” and loving it even more than the first time.I ration myself and try to read slowly because there are NO MORE!

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