Virtual World Traveller

Typical, I was hoping to take some better photographs today but the fog and sleet descended and the windows steamed up and the fire wouldn’t go.Yesterday, while I was at work customers kept driving me mad saying “ooh, isn’t it a lovely day ?”  when obviously I was trapped inside and COULD NOT SEE THE LOVELY DAY!

Ok, rant over! There is a smell of  spring in the air ( damp and mud) and in a few weeks the curlews will return . This year I MUST  tend my garden and at least  create the  appearance  of having things slightly under control!

These wintery pictures are once again from my old favorite sketch book ( now almost 2 years old).Lindsey came up for our weekly coffee fueled “work” session today and I found myself being so jealous of her still being at college. Her work’s looking great and I can’t wait for the degree show.

Well, the Poppytalk thing is now online and I’m worrying about how my offerings look/are priced etc in comparison to everybody elses…damn self doubt! I’m not sure why (because of PoppyTalk?)but lots of new people from different parts of the world have been viewing Witchmountain and leaving lovely comments which is really heartwarming…today I have been to Washington State, France, Vancouver and Sweden(?) returning their visits! Thank you.

Oh, what are you having in your pancakes tomorrow?! xxx


9 responses to “Virtual World Traveller

  1. Aw, thanks Jules. also, feel free to be in the draw for the giveaway…maybe you’re on a winning streak! enter the lottery while you’re at it!! xxx

  2. Hi Kim, I was actually over at your poppytalk table and hoping to take a closer look at your beautiful Forget-Me-Not piece, but the link isn’t correct, just thought I’d let you know.

  3. hello Kim,
    I was in Helmsley today and I visited the Saltbox Gallery. I loved your Polar Bear piece in there. Your work reminds me of some of my work from my Uni days (almost 5 years ago now, where does the time go?) I went to Leeds, and specialised in knit. For my final project I printed onto felted knit-wear, and created a distressed look (a bit like yours). I have since tried to recreat this look many times, but I’ve struggled to find the right kind of Heat Transfer Paper (the one I used before I got from Uni, and I can’t remember the type.) I hope you don’t mind me asking, I’ve never written on anyone’s Blog before, but I thought it was worth a try. I hope you can help a frustrated fellow designer! Many thanks.

    • Thank you Charlotte, its so nice to get some good feedback. The dyes I use are “Colourist ” heat transfer paints which I use either to paint directly or to make sheets of transfer paper for stencils etc. They are great ( really bright on man mades and subtle/distressed on wool and natural mixes- just google “Colourist”) x

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!! Cant wait to read it all. ❤

  5. Thanks so much for letting me know Kim, really appreciate your advice. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, looking forward to your future work! Thanks x

  6. So pretty, love the red stitchwork.

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