“Poet for Sale”

This time the snow took me by surprise ; so much so that there was actually washing on the line, frozen solid and dusted with white! Sara and Jake had to miss school today so we walked down to look at the icicles at Blow Gill and take photographs with the birthday camera.

Sara has kindly taken loads of new pictures of my work for me, which involved standing outside in the freezing cold for ages, so “Thank You” Sara.Now I just need to re-size some of them and get a couple more things listed on Etsy. making some pennies has become urgent now as I seem to have developed a very expensive book habit ! I’m also lusting after a bag and purse made by Paper Plane …they would come in very handy if i could ever get it together to do a bit of travelling!( I just love post, and letter writing and stamps as I’ve said before so these would be perfect…hint hint!)

I got an e-mail from a college friend today telling me about “We Are Open” a pop-up-shop that she will be running during March.The shop will showcase surface design and textile /fashion designers and makers from the area and will be at 5 Newport Road , Middlesbrough (Next to Jessop’s photo shop opposite Binns).The link above is for their Facebook group and has more information.It sounds such a good idea.

Now, I must curl up with my coffee and begin my new books “Tove Jansson Rediscovered” and Book 1 of the Moomin comic strip…its been a very emotionally trying weekend and I’m hoping these will sooth my troubled soul. Don’t forget to have a look over at Poppytalk Handmade, there is some lovely stuff to be found there.

(Listening to: Faze Action “Samba”(Roger Sanchez Darkstar mix) and “Poet for Sale” Daevid Allen/Gong )

2 responses to ““Poet for Sale”

  1. The new pictures look great Kim.
    Will be up there soon as I/we have been saying for the last year which probably isn’t exaggerating either.

    • Thanks Carl I can tell you it has been almost exactly a year…March 21st… and what a year. Please make it stop now I want to get off! See you soon x

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