“In vain have I struggled.It will not do…”

I’m singing the praises of BUYING HANDMADE today and hoping somebody might look at my shop! I had a lovely parcel this morning from Lisa of Zibagz…I’d ordered a little embroidered bag from her ( I’m not a handbag person and its hard to find a small,pretty but practical thing to carry essentials…my last one came from Fat Face kids department!) Anyway, the point being , that half the joy of shopping “Handmade” is the little extra touches the maker puts in…a handwritten note, interesting wrapping and so on. Also I found her shop because she had “hearted” mine…it makes the planet seem small and friendly!

Whilst I’m on the subject I thought I’d show you this brooch again…not because I’m a money grabbing ,self -publicist but because 100% of the sale price will go to disaster relief in Haiti ( remember? life and world events roll on so quickly but not, I suppose for those still suffering in that country).Trouble is I looked yesterday but it took me ages to find the listing, so here is a link.

Its foggy as can be up here today and snowy too; I think I need to do something with reds and oranges before I lose the ability to see in colour! Thank you SO much to every one who’s been reading lately ( the busiest day ever last week) ,it really does make a difference to what can often be a pretty solitary day ( beats chatting to the chickens..ok, I do that too, but don’t tell…)x


4 responses to ““In vain have I struggled.It will not do…”

  1. Hey!
    Your work is absolutely beautiful! I have just graduated in applied arts and trying to find my own way into a career as a designer maker! If you have any useful hints or advise it would be much appreciated as you look like your doing a good job of it!
    Rachel Eva

  2. Can’t believe how different your work looks in these new photos.
    You should just keep the camera in exchange for chocolate raisins or something.
    Sure Sara wouldn’t mind…

  3. haha! how wrong rachel eva is! these are lovelt though….she’s right about that! xxxx

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