“Dead Letter Office”

What a strange day; a cloud of midge’s is dancing about above the mud patch that was the lawn,the chickens have gone mad laying eggs and yet this morning it snowed again and the schoolbus failed to make it.

The ice and snow meant I was a bit late getting down to Middlesbrough,where I was taking a few things( including these notebooks) to put in the We Are Open , pop-up shop.

It’s in a fantastic position, right in the middle of the pedestrian area, opposite “House of Frasier ” and is meant to be a cozy meeting place as well as a gallery and shop. I’ll post more information next time or you can join the Facebook group.

I wish I’d taken pictures before packaging these little books, but I was in a bit of a rush to get them finished so I could take them today.Anyway this is not going to be a long waffle as I have to be at work early tonight so I need a quiet moment with some coffee before I head out. Don’t forget to visit “We Are Open” and also the “DesignersMarketplace” pop-up shop and if you are in London, William Tillyer has the opening of his “Paintings” show tonight at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery.


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