“O Tell Me The Truth About Love”

Who thinks I need a better camera?Yes ,me too, although a bad worker always blames their tools! Today I have been horribly lazy and apart from eating almost half a Camembert I have achieved nothing ( doing nothing and eating cheese is bound to lead to trouble).

Anyway todays offering is mostly about name dropping some of my creative friends and doing a bit of altruistic promotion….

At the “We Are Open ” shop yesterday the sun was pouring through the windows and highlighting the ample bossom of the model with my t-shirt and necklace on it! Behind her ,on the wall you can see some of Sarah Ford’s embroidery. She was at CCAD with me and it made me wonder…how many of us are still trying to do creative stuff and with what kind of success?

This stunningly beautiful portrait is by Penny MacBeth and I had to share it with you because I love the way she’s used fabric, print and painting to create a really unusual take on the traditional family portrait.This is Lally her daughter and the niece of Jane Thorniley-Walker who makes wonderful mosaics, paintings and pastel drawings like the snowdrops below. Calling round for a coffee in Osmotherley leaves me both inspired and ashamed of my lazy cheese eating ways!

Now apologies again for the terrible camera work;I think I must atone for my bad habits by running ( walking) down to the post box to send that Hearts for Haiti brooch to its new owner, Thank you so much Jayne.

( Reading: “Staying Alive, real poems for unreal times” Ed. Neil Astley. Listening to: “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” Rufus Wainwright)

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