Feathers, Beads and the Love of Butter

“Cigarettes and chocolate milk
These are just a couple of my cravings
Everything it seems I like’s a little bit stronger
A little bit thicker
A little bit harmful for me…” ( Rufus Wainwright)

Actually I’m getting seriously worried about my apparent addiction to butter; if my trusty Mac gives up the ghost it’ll be because its full of toast crumbs and dripped with butter and Marmite, mmmmm!

Yesterday I decided to do something a bit different, finding myself at a loose end, since ALL my finished stock is either in shops, galleries or listed on Etsy. I made this colourful hair-slide and photographed it today in the bright spring sunlight that is making me want to paint everything white and make a fresh start.

I even ventured outside today and began the slow slow task of making my garden feel loved again after a year of total neglect .

Some good news from “We Are Open“..apparently some of my things have sold! I will be helping man the shop next week, probably Wednesday and maybe Tuesday, so if you’re in Middlesbrough pop in and say hello.I’m also hoping to get along to see the “DesignersMarketplace Pop-up Shop “on Albert Road …Oh the joys of Middlesbrough! ( I’m not being sarcastic…Teeside has always been a little known hotbed of creative talent…I’ll write you a list later to prove it!)

Meanwhile, the moon is peering through the gap in the curtains and telling me that I really should start going to bed at a more civilized hour.So until next time x

2 responses to “Feathers, Beads and the Love of Butter

  1. I had a look in ‘We are open’ yesterday and it is great! Had some really nice pieces for sale and lovely people – so friendly! Clare

  2. Congratualtions Kim, hope the sales keep going up. I love the hairslide.

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