A Break in The Clouds?

I think I’m coming out of hibernation;yesterday an uncharacteristic rush of energy saw me baking bread,cakes and pies, doing a little gardening, cleaning the bathroom and making some more brooches (and all this with a slight Jagermeister hangover!). By evening I was a grumpy monster but at least felt that some small things had been achieved!

Lindsey has been coming up to work on her Final Major Project on Mondays and is doing some really interesting stuff with re-cycled board, laser cutting and embroidery…have a look on her blog.I’m wishing I had access to some of that equipment ( although she’s had to go to another place for the laser cutting because CCAD won’t let the students use the machine!!!) and also desperately wishing I had a workspace that meant not having to put everything away at meal times ( pins in the pies, beads in the butter…not a good idea!).

My “Moo” mini cards arrived today, very sweet in their little box that acts as a tiny filing system.meanwhile I’m excited to see how Sara‘s portfolio book turns out. She has ordered it from Blurb with fingers tightly crossed that it gets here in time for her college interview.

Now I’ve got another brooch to finish before heading out to work, so I’ll take my leave. Tomorrow I’ll be in Middlesbrough at the “We Are Open” shop and I think there is still time, before the theme changes, to head over to Poppytalk Handmade .


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