“Kitchen Confidential”

Mmm, the kitchen smells of baking bread and coffee, two of the best smells in the world.Its raining like mad and I still haven’t heard a Curlew so it’s officially not spring, therefore ,officially I can stay indoors and not feel guilty!

On Wednesday I went down to Middlesbrough for my day at We Are Open. It was a bit quiet, but nice to catch up with Leanne , Rachel and Helen ( ooooh!!!! something weird just happened, when I put in that last link my trusty old Mac just burst into song, I nearly jumped out of my skin, I’ve put a different link for Helen just in case some of you have sleeping children or nervous pets!!!)

Anyway, Middlesbrough was fun and surprisingly scenic in the amazing March sunlight. Lunch in the Mima cafe was a nice treat ,despite the randomly opening and closing electric doors ( ghosts?) and the fact that there wasn’t masses to look at, apart from a wall of magnetic poetry which I could have played with for hours ( on the theme of dreaming).Next week I’ll be in the shop again and there is an embroidery workshop planned ,as well as others on natural dyes, weaving and knitting.I wish it was a permanent thing…but since it isn’t, make sure you visit soon before its gone!

Aaghhhh! the bread, I almost forgot…

(Reading: “The Cat” by Colette Listening to: the wind rattling the kitchen air vent and that random music that came from nowhere!)

One response to ““Kitchen Confidential”

  1. thanks for the comment and visit to my blog. I’ve just enjoyed your posts too. By the way, one of the next listings in my shop will be a piece of antique edging from the old Yorkshire hospital..small world, no?

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