“Paint it Black”

Yesterday I made this top for my friend Sarah’s 30th birthday. I’m madly proud of the fact that in a crazy burst of energy, fueled I think by listening to 6Music ( Faithless remix)instead of Radio4, I managed to paint several walls (white not black…), design and cut the stencil, print, embellish,wash and wrap this gift! The main picture is a bit odd because I was messing about with the contrast settings on my phone last night after the pub…you know how it is, I don’t think I was a very good judge of image quality at the time!

I think I like the fact that it was done so quickly but was so effective. I used some “Jaquard” discharge paste with a cardboard stencil and a blank screen. Steaming in an ordinary kitchen steamer ( or steam iron it says on the jar) bleaches out the colour. It’s one of the most exciting printing processes because you can’t tell what the result will be until you lift the lid.

Now, tomorrow is Mother’s Day and, I have to say I’m not looking forward to work as its going to be horribly busy and I’m a bear with a sore head at the moment. I’m wishing I was being brought breakfast in bed on this gorgeous vintage bed tray from Solstice Home instead of working as a waitress, but there you go, you can’t have everything and life is not a bowl of cherries.Anyway, Happy Mothers Day to my lovely mother who obviously is the best in the world.

Just to say also, my month at Poppytalk Handmade ended today…no sales but lots of new links to Witchmountain and visitors to my Etsy shop, so thank you to everyone who looked. x


2 responses to ““Paint it Black”

  1. why thank you for posting this, I don’t mind at all!
    I worked in a restaurant for a long time…I know what a mothers day nightmare is! have a good 🙂 day!

  2. oops. and thank you for that link..heady and beautiful stuff

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