“In The Land of Grey and Pink…”

Another day in Middlesbrough; which cheered me up a bit.Almost the first thing that happened was that someone from CCAD bought a couple of my things! (goodness, too many “things ” in one sentence!) Kelly Louise Thackray is getting ready to graduate this year, and from what I can see on this blog she should soon be making her fortune selling her lovely bags and purses.

I was accosted by a small pair of chavs while taking this picture so they were treated to a short demonstration of knitting by Rachel’s mum before running off to start their paper round, aw, bless. I must admit, the passers by do seem a little bemused by the shop and probably wonder why there is a bunch of strange women sitting in the window knitting or embroidering bears…like some weird ,alternative house of ill repute!

So, I’ve been asked to pass on the message that this weekend is “re-cycle’ weekend and there’ll be a chance to re-vamp/customise /tart up any old t-shirts or other un-loved pieces of clothing you may have. Just turn up with the  poor neglected item and join in the fun! There’s only about two weeks left until the shop gets handed on to the next “curators” so hurry, hurry and don’t forget to walk round to Albert Road and see Helen at DesignersMarketplace too.

I’m thinking there hasn’t been enough news from the moors lately, so next time I will try to “get down with Nature” to celebrate the Spring Equinox and bring you tales of the Curlews, escaping ponies and emerging green things. For now I must go and washed my coat as I forgot there was an egg in my pocket…with obvious results ! x


2 responses to ““In The Land of Grey and Pink…”

  1. Hi just got your blog from facebook. Where are you based in Boro. I have a hair salon on Linthorpe Road, I am doing my degree part-time love it.

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Hey Jen, thanks for having a look! The WE ARE OPEN shop is on Newport Rd. opposite House of Fraser…my stuff is there for 2 more weeks.Will check your place out next time I need a haircut!! x

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