Heavy Skies

Last week I got caught in the most amazing storm as I drove home across the moor, the light was fantastic…rainbows and sheets of hail in a sky that looked like an angry bruise.As usual I curse my poor photographic skills; it would have been impossible to catch the beautiful, translucent mountains of clouds with my phone’s camera and I really shouldn’t have been looking at them while I was driving anyway.

Talking of photography and phones though, I have been getting very jealous of the pictures Lyndsay McBean has been taking with her iPhone. Apparently its an application called “Hipstamatic” that makes everything look a bit lovely and vintage. Here is her picture of Saltburn Pier (© Lyndsay McBean 2010)

Meanwhile, although things are slowly springing to life outside ,the inspiration and self confidence is still at an all time low, so yet again, apologies for having no new work to show you.Instead I will point you in the direction of Cork Street for part 3 of “Tillyer Season”… Watercolours. I’m looking forward to seeing this exhibition on Thursday at the Private View, and will be adding a copy of the beautiful book by John Yau to my birthday wish list !

(Listening to: “Lost and Found” Steve Mason. Reading: Last week’s paper)

3 responses to “Heavy Skies

  1. Hi Kim – Wow, you live in a beautiful place!!

    Sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time 😦

    It might help to search for your favourite things on Etsy and Flickr to inspire you?

    It does help me to think more about what kind of subjects that I want to draw. Might be worth creating your own Flickr account too?Flickr

    Best wishes

  2. You have the most amazing scenery!!! AND do such a beautiful job capturing it!!! I really LOVE your blog!

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