“Crying Lightning”

Listening to 6Music (Crystalised by The Xx), eating Bombay Mix and drinking a mug of strong coffee. The garden is begging for some love and attention, by next week the grass will be out of control, but I’m being massively self indulgent and making ME my new project. I told you I’d been disillusioned lately ( struggling with the “Black Dog” whilst trying to churn out designs for a fashion agent, make stuff for Etsy, working shifts at the pub and trying to run a house full of teenagers and escapist animals just resulted in feelings of total failure on all levels).

Anyway, I went mad and bought a load of books, tuned in to some music I’d never heard before and yesterday I started working through Danny Gregory’s book “The Creative License”. Baby steps…and for no other reason than to try and make myself feel better. I’m not trying to sell things or create  ART, its just  a question of trying to gain some self confidence. Next step marathon running…Ha, not really, although Haruki Murakami almost has me convinced!

We went to London at the weekend for the opening of Tillyer Season, Part 3 “Watercolours”. It was so exciting to see lots of people leaving the gallery with their copies of the book in “TILLYER” shopping bags! I’ve always loved the Watercolours, especially the Yorkshire ones which capture so perfectly and simply (deceptively so…try it you’ll see it aint as easy as it looks!) what it feels like to be on the moors, looking at the big sky.Go and look if you’re in the city...

So, enough for now, I’m off to plant some onions.

( Listening to: “Crying Lightning” Arctic Monkeys.Reading: “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” Haruki Murakami, “The Creative Licence” Danny Gregory)

2 responses to ““Crying Lightning”

  1. I have to say, coming over here(to your blog) and reading your posts is enlightening. You have a “way” of writing I thoroughly enjoy and so much that I relate to but I cant put it into words.
    I just checked out “what i talk about when i talk about running” on Amazon and it sounds like a really cool book. On a side note, do you run? I have been wanting to start up again. It’s been years( like back in high school) yeeeeaarssss ago.
    Happy Gardening!!!

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Thank you so much, its so nice to get kind comments, it makes the world seem a friendlier place. No, I don’t run, I’m chronically lazy and unfit.. but that book is great and I may just take it up, if only I had some running shoes!!!x

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