Waiting For The Sun

I’ve been told that the swallows have returned to the North but so far there’s no sign of them at Witchmountain. I spent all day outside on Friday, wriggling my toes in the earth while taking a break from digging and listening to the solar powered radio…maybe the swallows didn’t like the music?! Anyway, it was good, the sun felt good and I thought…”The sun is gonna keep on shining,Brighter days on the horizon,My love for you will always keep on rising, Everything is gonna be alright…” (well almost which is pretty good for me!).

****************************************************GIVEAWAY TIME!!****************************************************************

I haven’t made anything new but as you can see I still have  these brooches which I ought to have taken to Ripon …but here they are on the lovely vintage piece of cross-stitch I found in a charity shop.I may put them on Etsy instead…or how about I give one away for my birthday on Friday? ( Like Hobbits do I think?) Yes, I will! leave a comment before April 26th and I will pick one at random to win a bear brooch.

Anyway, I’ve been a very lucky girl this week and had an early present when my Daddy turned up with a copy of “William Tillyer ,The Watercolours” all beautiful and with that delicious new book smell! Not so lucky that the chickens have been “helping” in the garden by digging up newly planted things and scattering neatly raked piles of  weeds; hmmm, and all I get by way of an apology is an egg about the same size as a Cadbury’s Mini Egg ( and I mean One egg).

8 responses to “Waiting For The Sun

  1. I would love to enter your give-a-way! I LOVE your creations! I will need to head over to your Etsy and take a look. I use to have chickens- they sure CAN be messy! They always made me smile tho.
    Do you have any special plans for your birthday?
    xo Sandy

  2. Me me me! I want a free chicken too! Or a bear. Or a Tillyer… anything, really, I’m not proud! 😉 :-*

  3. You must stop giving things away !!! But if you insist…..x

  4. KIM!!! you should give me it for my birthday on the 27th 😉 xxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Kim- forgot to enter when I was on here before- love your work and happy almost birthday!

    xo- Cat 🙂

  6. I thought we were a bit “kinder-ed” – besides me absolutely loving your work that is… I arrived 4-24 ~o~ I checked out your fathers work… How wonderful to have such an inspiration.
    Sunshine & Peace ~:o) Lisa

  7. Those brooches are super cute! Happy Early Birthday and keep those chickens away from your garden 😉

  8. Please include me in your Giveaway for a beautiful brooch!! Thanks Kim – Hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that it’s a sunny day for you!


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