A sparkly morning here on Witchmountain,it looks like it ought to be warm but actually its freeeeezing and there’s a little frost . Still no sign of a swallow. There’s so much I want to do today but I hurt my neck and spent a sleepless night popping painkillers and cursing the fact that I can’t get my potatoes planted. I’m so chronically unfit that one day’s gardening has done for me!

Gremlins! For some reason WordPress is working at sloth speed since I was bamboozled into upgrading Firefox, either that or Trusty Mac has finally decided enough it enough. Either way the thing is causing me unnecessary stress this morning so  I’m going to leave you with these pictures and few words today.They show detail of a skirt made out of an old Dean&Deluca’s t-shirt with embroidery and applique.It can also be worn as a dress.Don’t the shadows on the shed door look good?! The bumble bee in a solitary Pasque flower is a promise of warm summer days to come and the hope that my silly neck is on the mend soon.

I just wanted to quickly mention Cat at Olive Bites as well, because she has kindly put a link to my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY in her blog. But most importantly her writing is so funny that it never fails to lift me out of a spot of self-indulgent gloom. On the same subject, THANK YOU so much for the lovely comments from virtual friends around the world…they makes my day x


6 responses to “Ache

  1. Hope that you are soon feeling much better.

  2. I also am hoping you have a quick recovery. The skirt is adorable. Do tell how that was once a t-shirt. I love it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep you eyes peeled for some fun mail coming your way!!! xo

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Ooh Sandy, I can’t wait! The skirt is made of panels cut from several t-shirts and the waistband is the bottom half of a vest top! its a bit big for me but looks good with a big belt! x

      • is the skirt for sale? What size would you say it is?

      • kimsarahtillyer

        I was going to put it on Etsy…i’d say it was a UK 10-12 but its hard to tell as its stretchy , I’m usually 8-10. I’ll have to have another look and measure it!!

  3. hmmmn…sounds like a fib to me…someone trying to stay in bed with their present?? ps that skirt is lovely!

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