“Love and it’s Opposites”

Well, its been a lovely birthday weekend.Turns out I have some very wonderful and thoughtful friends as well as the best family in the world.I made myself breakfast in bed on my new/vintage tray from Solstice Home and watched the first Snilesworth swallows diving about…a peaceful start to  a weekend that also included “Cream Classics” with K-Klass at the club and the almost complete dissappearance of Sunday!

On Thursday I made this top for a friends birthday. Again a screen print using discharge paste and a hand cut stencil.If only I had access to proper printing facilities…but sometimes cobbling a design together with whatever method you can sort out makes it more original…I hope so anyway.This reminds me of the only gloomy thing to happen over the weekend; I got what I assumed to be a very baddly wrapped present in the post, only to discover it was all my work being returned from Newleaf. We had parted company, since their clients didn’t like my “uncommercial” style  and I was also struggling to actually produce the stuff, ah well, its all part of the learning curve I guess.

Good news though, I got an e-mail saying I’d been included in this Etsy Treasury by Uturn which made my day.

And talking of people making my day, thank you for all the  lovely and encouraging comments recently. The winner of my birthday giveaway is …Holly. So if you get in touch and let me know which of the brooches in the picture you would like I will get to the post office quick as a flash!

Now its time for an early night and the restoration of circadian rhythms with herbal tea and a good book. x



One response to ““Love and it’s Opposites”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

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