“These Things Take Time”

I haven’t written for a while, partly because everything technical still seems to be on a go slow and I just haven’t got the patience, partly because that rotten “black dog” got me by the neck and wouldn’t let go. Anyway, who would have thought it would get to be May so quickly! My favorite time of year for flowers, with the woods and hedge banks full of violets, primroses, wood anemone,and lush wild garlic ( bear garlic).

I’ve been busy in the garden trying to make amends for last year; planting vegetables, replacing the rose arch and saddly realising that a lot of things didn’t survive the bad winter.On Beltane Eve (Oidhche Bhealtaine)at about 4am I made a fire and danced about on my own listening to the Essential Mix which is as near as I got to any sort of pagan ritual!

These photographs show two of the sketchbook pages I recently had framed…I’m pleased with them but really really need to do something new and get some confidence back. I saw Lindsey’s blog today and was really impressed by the way her final pieces are coming together. I was also pleased to hear that Carl has been working on a new project as well as doing some work as a technician.

So, thats all for now.Thank you for reading xx

(Reading: “Love etc.” Julian Barnes. Listening to: “Sorrow” The National, “Rubber Ring” The Smiths, “Sweet Disposition” The Temper Trap)

One response to ““These Things Take Time”

  1. Those sketch book pages are great, nice to read your enjoying the garden also, I was up planting some wild flowers in family wood yesterday, hope they survive!

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