A Little Piece of Heaven

The sunshine does seem to put a different complexion on things. This last weekend felt like a holiday; padding around in bare feet,lounging in the sun reading ( or better still, being read to) and taking an early evening drive to Whitby to eat chips and watch the sun go down. It was lovely having a house full of friends and kids, although I’m sure its not right that the teenagers were all asleep long before the adults!

I told you I got most of my design samples back from the NewLeaf agent didn’t I? Well at least I don’t have to worry about breaking their copyright rules now so I can share a few images with you. The question is, what on earth do I do with nearly 100 samples? What can I recycle them in to?!

You can see Toast,the model for one of these designs, snoozing by the watering can, enjoying the sunshine.

So,how very British to be discussing the weather! But it has been lovely and everyone seems happier, if a little redder! Next weekend Jane Thorniley-Walker is opening up her shed gallery again so if you’re in Osmotherley on Saturday follow the signs and take a look.

(Reading: ” My Other Life” Paul Theroux  Listening to:6Music in general, “The Bones of You” Elbow )

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