…the way through the woods?

The other night I took myself for a walk in the rain, remembering another walk not so long ago and trying to work out where exactly my head is at this spring. The woods were beautiful in the rain, still with just emerging oak leaves and uncurling ferns; tiny mosses and soft new pine shoots.I walked until I could feel the rain through my hair, running down my scalp and slightly cursed my glasses which became like a windscreen with no wipers!

What worried me a little was the fact that even in the depths of despair last year I was still drawing and making, whereas now I’m not…( not creating and maybe not as deep in the depths, although its a pretty slippy climb at times)

Having said that, I have just taken a load of things down to Jane’s shed ready for tomorrow’s Bank Holiday exhibition; maybe I’ll sell something and get inspired again?

( These ferns remind me of the Soup Dragon from The Clangers for some reason!)

Yesterday I was in Middlesbrough and visited Mima again. Tom Hutchinson was there guarding the exhibits, it was lovely to bump in to him and the mind-bending Anish Kapoor work wasn’t bad either!

Well, for now the sun is shining so I should be outside. Please come by the shed tomorrow if you’re in Osmotherley…



5 responses to “…the way through the woods?

  1. Sorry to hear your muse is awol, hope she returns soon. Your photos are great btw.

  2. Wish I could have come over but I’m in Manchester visiting a friend.
    Hope it goes well you deserve it.

  3. your first photo looks like a monster in the woods! I thought it was a painting you had done took me ages to see it was your reflection in a puddle, then I saw your feet, lol 🙂

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Ha! thats funny…in a way it is a monster in the woods though! I tried to take the picture without my feet in it but it was impossible!

  4. I didn’t c a reflection in a puddle but one of t ferns reminded me of a snail shell. I now have a beaming grin cos it too. Boostin’. Keep up the blog. I love it

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