Drifts of dandelions…

Today , in a maddly out of character burst of energy, I decided to cycle to the village ( to collect my car from the garage). I didn’t rush, fearing that passing drivers would think I was a fitness freak, instead I enjoyed seeing the familiar journey in close -up  and saying the names of plants to myself like some sort of rosary…Cow Parsley,Campion, Stitchwort,Bluebell, Dandelion. Curlews dive bombed me and sheep got suicidal, my legs feel like jelly but it was fun!

More ancient designs to show you today, these involving image transfer and hand embroidery.At least I got the compass the right way round, unlike this time. I’m slowly gathering my scattered work up from various galleries and contemplating whether to re-apply for the AA2A scheme; it could be just the boost I need after a year of gloom and trampled self esteem. Maybe .

So, I’m off to investigate that possibility, since the original plan of planting a row or two of Rocket has been foiled by a giant rain storm. Here is a lovely mosaic of a curlew, on the side of a house in Osmotherley, which I’ve always liked.

( Reading: “Wilderness, the lost writings of Jim Morrison” Listening to: more Elbow and the curlews swooping song, bedtime stories and rain.)


One response to “Drifts of dandelions…

  1. Nice update… Ben has just been modelling for Dandelion Kids here in Bali and we had been talking about dandelions. I’ll show him your photo which he’ll enjoy – having never seen one in real life. 🙂

    I enjoyed the description of your cycle ride – very evocative. I have always really loved it up there – and such a lovely road between there and the Metropolis of Greater Osmotherley! I cycled up round there many times as a kid from High Leven. Isn’t there a track from somewhere near you back down to Sheepwash?

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