Rain Dance

So, I got the garden all pretty, set up a water butt and bought a pink parasol…I may as well have done a rain dance.Five days of rain and fog, with sheets of drenching mist, have left me with low light level gloom only relieved by music and peanut butter cookies.

I had a little play in a spare sketch book I found, ending up with this slightly deranged looking bird!Somehow the day has flown by and now its almost time to go to work, just as I can think of a million things I want to do. Is there somewhere you can go to get your body clock re-set?!

Other than cutting up the Guardian to make crazy birds I have baked a batch of cookies, looked at Olive Bites blog, wondered about whether to get a stall at the next Designer’s Marketplace and listened to 6music while drinking too many mugs of coffee.

A friend who recently subscribed to Witchmountain jokingly asked whether he could get a membership badge… not a bad idea actually but does anyone have any ideas what kind of badge/gift would be a good unisex incentive to sign up?Did you ever join a fan club when you were younger? I had a shiny gold Police( the band not the defenders of law and order) badge and I think there was the Dennis the Menace Fan Club too, with a furry Gnasher badge!

( Reading/being read : “Number9dream” David Mitchell. Listening to: “Adventures in Success ” Will Powers, “Waking Up” Elastica)


2 responses to “Rain Dance

  1. I was in the ‘Tufty’ club with a small, blue jacketed, squirrel badge. I loved it and remember the ‘roadshow’ coming to the village hall in the ’60’s!

  2. Wasn’t everyone in the Dennis the Menace and Gnasher club? I was also a railrider, according to that badge on the mantle piece, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was!

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