“… I’ve still got sand in my shoes..”

Another Monday morning in June, seen through windows misted up from the washing steaming on radiators that shouldn’t even be on.I think the sun will come out soon and I’ll actually be able to HEAR the plants growing as they suck up all this rain.

Saturday was a beautiful day though; a rare day on the north east coast when the wind doesn’t slice through you.I’d never been to Saltburn before; all shabby faded Victorian grandeur, and a bizarre feeling that I was in David Lynch movie ( could have been the hangover or the earily sleepy atmosphere due to everyone being plugged in to their tv’s and crates of beer for the World Cup)

In a shop called Northern Lights Interiors I saw this box of happy looking people as well as the creepy collection below. The box of magic tricks was also proving very popular!Before heading to the beach where the waves were fantastic, almost sweeping me off my feet, we had a look in the new gallery the ArtsBank . The gallery is in a converted bank and has a huge selection of work on show including Andrea Hunter’s huge felt pieces and a mini cinema showing films about the area’s connection with industry and how that has inspired local artists.

Writing this has been painfully slow, Trusty Mac is showing worrying signs of senility. I’m off to check on my tomato plants and then maybe doing some research into …the future!


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