Going Off On a Tangent…

Have you missed me? Sorry it’s been so long; I’ve been busy trying to get a bit of order into my life …but seem to have ended up chained to the kitchen sink and the lawnmower! So much for all my good intentions of drawing everyday. I have achieved a couple of watery sketches of flowers while sitting in the sun listening to Glastonbury on the radio and pining for the good old days!

Never mind, last week I had a visit from my good friend Helen who inspired me to get some work done.Helen more or less makes a living making and selling her work on Etsy and Folksy; beautiful jewellery made from sea glass and drift wood, found on walks along the beach at Whitby. I went straight out and bought some mini canvasses and thought hard about what to do with the designs returned by NewLeaf.

So, while I’ve been agonizing about how to find my lost creativity I have actually been getting out and about..walking up hills, swimming at Helmsley pool, attempting a bit of sea kayaking and cycling( I’m sorry but this doesn’t mean I have got healthy and fit, only that I feel less guilty about sleeping late and the occasional Marlboro!)

On one trip, to Sedburgh, in the Dales I found this beautiful book in one of the many second hand/collectors book shops in the town.I must have looked like I knew about flora and fauna because a big friendly man got talking to me about snails and wondered if I’d seen any books about breeds of British snails….no, but there were volumes on the history of canibalism, growing magic mushrooms,Wimbledon Common….everything really.

Westwood Books was an amazing place, I could have spent all day in there, and probably a fortune too, but there was a hill waiting to be climbed.

The Sleepy Elephant had a great selection of rare and unusual art and textile books that I wish I’d known about when I was at college. I’ll definitely be going back for another look.Meanwhile, I am about to collapse after too much fresh air and exercise so I think a little rest with a mug of tea and Paul Theroux  will put me right.Later I’m going to do something creative…honest I am.

( Reading: “My Secret History” Paul Theroux . Listening to “Greetings From LA” Tim Buckley and a version of Tainted Love by someone whose name I didn’t catch on 6Music last night)


3 responses to “Going Off On a Tangent…

  1. Kim, sketches are lovely. I fight with the idea of lawns and dishes and laundry over art, but it seems they always get priority. Not sure my justification. Let’s make a cross the ocean deal, more art… or at least art first… xo

  2. Nice to be reading again Kim.
    Lost creativity is hard to fight but you’ll pull through.
    I’m in Brighton in august so hopefully the creative folks on the south coast will help me find my lost creativity that’s definitely long over due.

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