A Clean Sweep?

So I’m learning a lesson today about the futility of housework;tidying up one area of chaos has just meant that everywhere else is now knee deep in junk , including some dead mice I found in the cupboard under the stairs. Nice.

Now, don’t worry, all this cleaning isn’t just a distraction.The cupboard under the stairs is where all the bags of fabric live, waiting to “come in handy one day”. I’ve found a big stack of blank T-shirts and set myself the task of getting them all listed on Etsy before the summer’s out, instead of drifting from one half finished project to another.

Yesterday I finished two abandoned projects…a lavender bear brooch and the little T-shirt below, which is printed with heat transfer paint and hand embroidered.

Now I must return to my chores and the chaos in the cupboard.

Don’t forget that Designer’s Marketplace is holding one of its wonderful events in Middlesbrough this weekend, it sounds like its going to be a good one and yet again I’m regreating not taking a stall.Next time…

One response to “A Clean Sweep?

  1. Don’t worry about the dead mice, they’ll be ok in the pile of dead things on t’other side of the wall… just don’t try listing them on etsy…. 😉 xx

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