A Bear in the Flowers

Like walking through treacle I’m slowly forcing myself in to better habits .Today, ignoring the sacks of mouse stained fabrics and the garden begging for water, I finished and listed two more Etsy items.The  Polar Bear Brooch, filled with Lavender looked perfect in the bright bright PINK Dianthus deltoides by the front door ( I just looked that up and it said a major problem with these flowers is chipmunks,I wish!)

I started making this purse ages ago, inspired by the bags and purses designed by PaperPlane , any of their things would be a lovely present thank you! (but of course the Witchmountain version is 100% unique so …) I still have a thing about letters and post, despite some nasty surprizes, nothing beats a hand written letter delivered by “snail mail”. A close second being a  book I’d forgotten that I’d ordered months ago arriving today…”Travelling Light” by Tove Jansson, I can’t wait to find somewhere peaceful and sunny to lose myself in that book.


3 responses to “A Bear in the Flowers

  1. Love the polar bear lavender brooch! he’s soooo cute! Wish I had all my bits & bobs around me to get something made, something anything :} I’m at my parents in Wales and it’s a bit cut off and I’m travelling light, lol But the sketchbook project sketchbook arrived so I’m dabbling with bits of charcoal from the wood we burnt and teabags the bleach and cottom buds will be out soon!

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Ha! I’m hopeless at travelling light but I guess the sketchbook is the most important bit…whats it all about? I saw your pictures on FB it looks very interesting. x

  2. these look great! coming up very soon, will have to be an evening though…. any days suit you best?!

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