The Hurly Burly

I’m feeling like a disgrace having just eaten a WHOLE PACKET of Oreos and drunk three mugs of coffee. Not only am I a disgrace but I will soon be buzzing like a bee in a jam jar when the sugar and caffeine rush starts. Despite all these stimulants I have only achieved the listing of this one item today…my floral bear design on a cotton purse.

At the weekend I went to T in the Park near Kinross in Scotland. Oh dear,it was like spending two days in a surreal mixture of cold war Berlin and a tacky Las Vegas shopping mall.Great music but the festival spirit that makes bits of Glastonbury, most of WOMAD and all of Thimbleberry special, was sadly missing. One cafe/stage in particular made it all worth while though, The Hurly Burly is a fantastic little vegetarian cafe in a bus, with a crazy crew who not only serve great food but entertain with impromptu dance and music. I was helping out at Johnny Baghdad’s Falafels which was good fun ….but sadly no dance routines!

Now, back on Witchmountain, I have left my muddy boots by the door and must head out to work before the Oreos wear off!


One response to “The Hurly Burly

  1. I love your new creations!

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