Up in the Clouds

After an eventful weekend it was good to get down to a bit of making. My tiny efforts to do something creative every day are continuing; so today I made this purse for my Etsy shop and keep trying to be optimistic about the possibility of some day selling something!

All my framed pieces have been gathered in now, from various galleries, and its time to pluck up the courage to ask some new places for wall space. I have enough for a small exhibition now and wish that by some miracle I had the money to make the outbuilding into a little gallery/shop/cafe/workshop which would make life on Witchmountain almost too idyllic for words….hmmm, pie in the sky?

Talking of the sky, I was pretty much in it on Saturday when I was taken to the Lakes and made to walk up Catbells, above Derwent Water. You have to understand what a very sedentary person I am, so even though Wainwright describes this as “a family fell where grandmothers and infants can climb the heights together” I felt like I’d reached the top of Everest.The view was beautiful…especially the theatrical lighting as rain storms alternated with patches of sunshine and dazzeling green. The rain has made the garden go mad so I must go now as I need to hack my way through the greenery and make it possible to see out of the living room window again!


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