Counting Crows

Its been a strange and unsettling time, if I was deeply superstitious I’d be getting worried. Driving to work on Tuesday the clouds were so low I could almost touch them. Perhaps disturbed by the approaching storm, I drove through the biggest flock of crows I’ve ever seen…a “murder of crows”? Ominous at the best of times but in such numbers against a gunmetal sky; as usual I didn’t have my camera.

Another odd thing… my “Nameless Chicken” has almost definitely turned into a cockerel. Apparently this does sometimes happen, but why? She/he is now called Lola because “she looks like a woman but walks like a man” ha ha!

So, today the power has been off which hasn’t been much fun ( I’ve got a cold and its been chilly and dark in my little house)Having a cold meant that I was actually awake, baking bread and wandering around the garden taking these pictures at 5am the other morning.Some would say this is an improvement on my normal lifestyle!

The brooch above is almost ready to be listed on Etsy and for those of you on Facebook I have made a Witchmountain page which will have lots of links to favorite blogs,events and so on. Talking of which, the We Are Open shop in Middlesbrough is currently a Pop Up Garden and while I was there I picked up the Autumn/Winter programme which is looking good…everything from designer cupcakes to record launches and costume design.

2 responses to “Counting Crows

  1. wowza. love those photos! 🙂
    i seen some reeeally low clouds on tuesday too when i was at jamies! i thought of you when i seen them cos they were kinda your direction… lets get together soon. what are u doing tomoro?Xxx

  2. love the name for he-she chicken, made me chuckle!! the photos are lovely and i really think the brooch is bloomin good, thanks for blog comments, it’s good to know people are still popping by with my intermittent posting at the mo!!

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