Gathering Moss

Today I am celebrating having running water again on Witchmountain. All the problems with the rams and pipes have made me really appreciate basic things like flushing toilets and drinking water.I felt inspired to look at the Water Aid website, a charity which I think I will be supporting from now on; my week of discomfort was nothing compared to what millions have to put up with every day.

As well as whinging about the water I’ve been visiting beautiful places and being inspired by lovely people.On Wednesday we went to Sledmere House where this sad looking girl was standing in the walled garden gathering moss.The house had an amazing library and a “Turkish” room all done in blue and white tiles. The adjoining Triton Gallery was showing the work of Kane Cunningham whose work is inspired by his house in Scarborough which is gradually falling into the North Sea!

Hmm, this picture is a little blurry, a bit how I feel today!I was meant to be finishing off these brooches and purses but some customers left a rather nice bottle of champagne on their table last night,so…. ( anyway who on earth pays almost £40 for a bottle and then leaves half of it? Goodness!)

So a lazy day but I will get these things done later and also have a go at following Lindsey‘s instructions for preparing a file for the laser cutter.She came up yesterday and showed me her lovely new brooch designs;amazing the tiny detail that the laser can cut out, I really want to have a go as soon as possible.

Until then I am still sewing and using my favorite heat transfer techniques. New greetings cards have been ordered from Moo and I will be giving a set of 3 away in a givaway to be announced in the next few days…

Listening to : Mumford and Sons “Little Lion Man” and 6Music. Reading : “A Tale of 12 Kitchens” Jake Tilson and “My Secret History” Paul Theroux (still! its very good and I don’t want to reach the end)

One response to “Gathering Moss

  1. Hi Kim….just ordered from your Etsy shop and am soooooo excited. I still havent forgotten you( to send you a piece of mail art) and will be on break from massage school in a week. Promise to mail it then. xo Sandy

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