” August and Everything After”

For some reason a week has gone by since my last confession…”the first thing to understand is that time passes”.I’ve just finished reading “My Secret History” by Paul Theroux and have that weird, slightly bereaved feeling you get when you have to close a good book and say goodbye to the characters who have become part of your life. At least it is possible to re read books.

Anyway, the wonderful Witchmountain summer continues with wind and rain and absolutely no need for the garden table where I had planned to spend a lot of time drawing and eating “summer food”.Its been lovely though to spend some time going on some family days out, imagining what it would be like to live in houses like Sledmere or Nunnington Hall .At Nunnington we saw this decorated apple tree which reminded me of Scottish “clootie trees”.

Well, I’ve also been making a few more brooches ( and some really delicious Fruit Jelly which dyed the jelly bag a beautiful purple) as well as selling a few of my “Snow Bear” cards on Etsy. I’ve decided to GIVAWAY a set of 3 cards to one lucky reader;all you have to do is look at my Etsy shop and tell me which item you like best…and why.I will pick the winner at random next week when I return from a little trip to Scotland; hopefully I will see a clootie tree and leave a wish for the fairies!

( Reading: The Guardian and “Waterlog” Roger Deakin . Listening to:Lucas Renney ” She Gives me the Chills” Looking at: the sky and failing to see the northern lights but seeing some shooting stars instead)

8 responses to “” August and Everything After”

  1. I know just what you mean with the characters in a book.. you become attached ~ they become friends!!

    I love your “Love Letter Purse” so clever! & I like that you filled your brooch with lavender…nice touch!

    peace & sunshine~

  2. Having to pick just one thing in your shop is impossible, so my most favorites are your original mixed media art pieces. I love how you incorporate your drawings and prints with stitching, beads, and recycled wool. GORGEOUS!

  3. The Air Mail- small Bear canvass is my favourite because it incorporates all that you do best, mixed media (including lace) POLAR bears (a total must) printing on felt, embelishment, collage – the list goes on!!!

    Also love your blog and you just managed to put into words something I’ve never been able to put my finger on before about reading a book. I get so caught up in it and then life never seems quite the same again after the book is finished!

  4. hi kim, Think I’ll enter your comp my fave is your snow bear greeting card because I love the green colour and the look on the bears face reminds me of my dog constantly sniffing for something tasty to eat!

  5. Hi Kim,

    Hope that you enjoy your trip! Love the new brooches and tree 🙂

    My favourite design in your shop is ‘Forget me not’ because it looks so soft and comforting. I love the interest of the layers of print and embroidery 🙂


  6. I really like your piece, Beware of getting Involved. In fact, pretty much anything that included the bears was striking and lovely.

  7. I absolutly love your way of looking at things your creations have really inspired me. I have not known of your work long but it was love at first sight il tell you that. I love the colour palettes that you used and the way you combine mixed medias/mediums. It is very clear in your work that you was born to be a creator =)…I hope you go far x

  8. my favourite thing is the polar bear brooch because of its striking pink wool on the reverse side which is only just visable from the front, it breaks your usual colour scheme for vividness and i heart it!! xxxx

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