A thing of beauty is a joy forever…

(Detail of original design by William Morris)

Well I have returned to Witchmountain after what seems like a month but was actually only 5 days, traveling around the North in a van called Behemoth.So many adventures in such a short time! After some stunning walks up moody fells and a bit of wild swimming in the River Derwent, Blackwell was a showcase of man made beauty.There was a William Morris exhibition on, including some original designs for wallpaper; I loved the fact that only a part of the design was painted, the rest being penciled in to show the repeat.The house was full of tiny wonderful detail, from the window latches to the carved paneling, I could have spent days just sitting in the window seats; reading, drawing or contemplating the views across Windermere.

I‘ve recently been introduced to the gorgeous “Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells” by Alfred Wainwright. Even if you’re not into walking these little books are facinating, in the way that other people’s sketch books are…annotated drawings,maps and clear hand written text.The highlight of my week was a walk/scramble/limp to the top of Haystacks, where the view made me dizzy and almost tearful. Goodness, I feel as though I’m boring you with my holiday snaps but don’t go, the next thing really was a treat! Barter Books in Alnwick is a kind of heaven…the smell of old books, coffee and toasted cheese, log fires and Lloyd Loom chairs with squashy Indian print cushions. Honestly, as I write my tummy feels all warm with the memory of a wet day in August loosing about 3 hours browsing the stacks, which included glass cases of first editions and very rare copies in beautiful bindings. Now what links this and Blackwell in my mind…the attention to detail and appreciation of a beautiful object, the handmade and the aesthetic of good design.There is also an interesting story about that poster you see everywhere these days “Keep Calm and Carry On”...

Ok,thats me done for now. Lindsey has just left after inspiring me with all her news of work experience and new projects. I’m wondering why not many comments have been flooding in for my GIVEAWAY ? I will be picking the winner at random on Monday so spread the word and leave a comment on the previous post if you’d like to win a set of my new cards…

4 responses to “A thing of beauty is a joy forever…

  1. I love the snap of your Haystacks hike… wow oh wow!! gorgeous country!
    My favorite is old books stores also… Seattle has a couple as soon as you pass the threshold … the smell of old books.. coupled with Seattle style coffee (yum) you know you’re going to be their awhile…. I love a stationery shop too.. but with this day and age of email ~ texting ~ and what ever else they are doing.. no one writes a letter anymore…

    thanks for visiting my site. that’s where I live.. the storm shots were taken from my front yard. Rugged and rocky. The Cascade Mountains are beautiful. There is a peak I just love.. called Dragon Back. Very awe inspiring! ~*~

  2. LOVE your photo’s- it’s so pretty there. I may be venturing to an old book store tomorrow. Is there anything you are looking for that you cant find?
    Enjoy your evening! xo

  3. Lovely post, I enjoyed hearing about your travels and seeing the photos. We are off to the Lakes in a few weeks so I appreciated the mention of Blackwell, I had it on my list, looking forward to it even more now.

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Jules you will LOVE Blackwell!
      Sandy and Lisa…what a treat it would be to do a trip of mountains and vintage bookshops in the US! Seattle is somewhere I’d love to visit.( used to live in Providence RI once upon a time but never visited the west coast) x

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