“Just a little more love…”

I’d really like to thank you for all the lovely comments…honestly it cheers me up when I’m feeling a bit jaded and snowed under with worries ( rent increase being the major one right now). Anyway, after a complicated voting system involving the kids, it turns out that the winner of the card giveaway is Jennifer Tucker, thanks so much for entering.

I’ve spent most of today up a wobbly ladder, painting walls, but yesterday I listed this new purse and took a few photographs in the garden.

I was a bit sad that the sweet peas in the blue coffee pot don’t smell of anything; disappointing seeds. However I’m hoping that my new idea of making greetings card/gifts/stocking fillers like the one in the picture may be a bit more successful. The plan is to sell these small and very cute little packets of flower seeds which will be all packaged up ready to give as gifts, the label reads “Seeds of Love: sow deep in the heart, water with kindness…etc” (part of a valentine design I did for a competition at Tigerprint a while back) a bit soppy for a cynic like me , but what do you think?

Well, its time for me to wash this paint out of my hair and treat myself to an early night with Tove Jansson.Just time to mention an event that I may be selling at…a good cause and it sounds like a really good day out too…


6 responses to ““Just a little more love…”

  1. Congratulations Jennifer!
    Love your gift of seeds… luv´it. Hopping over to Etsy to see the new purse. So sweet looking. xo

  2. thank you so much for choosing me as the winner im a massive fan of your work just to let you know i added you to face book im called .x.jenniefer.racheal.x. on there im absolutly over the moon =) speak to you soon as im always checking to see what you have been up to xx take care

  3. I think your seed packet idea is excellent! Lots of luck with the sale and I hope your worries will soon disappear! The purse is lovely – as always.

  4. Hi Kim!
    I’m gutted I didn’t win as I really wanted the bear cards! but have decided I will come up the moor and buy them from you. Don’t worry I shan’t just turn up! But I’m miniless at mo it’s in having brakes done! I’ll mess you on facebook to arrange a good time. X

  5. Oh and I think the seed packet idea is brill! X

    loving the stuff as usual! if its a nice day on sunday i think i’ll come up & have a mooch about, looks good!x

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