Maps and Legends

Well, I haven’t really been up to much this week  except for readjusting to life now that my little baby daughter has passed her driving test and her A level exams. Suddenly everything is quite different.

I got carried away the other night, making this scrap book page about my holiday. You have to understand I don’t have many holidays and will have to spin this one out as long as I can! I wish I had been doing this kind of thing for years with the kids, they would be so special now…instead we have a disorganized box of photos and drawers full of random “bits” saved from days out.(Thanks to R and Wainwright for the inspiration)

The garden has been steamy and grey today;too hot outside and too cold inside. The “Love-in-a-Mist ” is flowering near the door and I think, probably, they should be the seeds that go in my seed packet gift cards. As I write Jake is trying to sort out my printer problems, without a printer I am a bit lost.

Today I dashed down to Middlesbrough to get my work back from the We Are Open shop.Rachel was telling me about her Folksy shop where she has her eco fabric packs, and we discussed the perils of pricing and publicity. How on earth do you get your product noticed???!!!!

I’ve also been looking at the new blog by Helen from Designer’s Marketplace Surface//Philia will be definitely be getting added to my favorites. Now just time to remind you about the event in aid of Cancer Research at Carlton Outdoor Education Center on Sunday. I’m planning on being there to try and sell some stuff as well as supporting a good cause…its free and looks like fun for all the family!


One response to “Maps and Legends

  1. i have especially enjoyed reading this post, i just thought i’d tell you. xxxx

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