“…but I forget myself…”

The sun made a rare appearance on Sunday when I  took my two headless friends down to the Charity Gala at Carlton. Thank goodness it didn’t rain because I didn’t realise we weren’t getting proper stalls and had to cobble something together with tables,clothes pegs and some nice green sheets, which went rather nicely with my car!

It was nice to sit in the sun instead of being at work in the pub. It was also good to be raising money for Cancer Research UK, so the fact that I spent my meagre profit on veggie hot dogs and raffle tickets didn’t sting quite as much as it could have. Yes, yet again the compliments were flowing but nobody was putting their money where there mouth is! (wrong venue?wrong product?wrong price?)

Some of my pennies went on climbing this big wooden tower and throwing myself from the top…well ok, nothing so dramatic, I think I’m over that urge, but I did have a go at abseiling much to everyone’s amusement. It was pretty scary at the top but I had no excuse after watching tiny children doing the “Leap of Faith”(basically climbing a pole with a tiny platform at the top and then jumping off!).

Returning to work after 2 weeks off, I was almost immediately struck down by the familiar despair of “what am I doing? why did I get a degree? what is the point of “creativity?” Then this morning I remembered this project which I first heard of through Karen Syms . So I forked out for my sketchbook and signed myself up, with the idea that if I’m PAYING for a sketchbook, with a deadline to fill it, then I will be motivated . The subject of my sketchbook will be “I’m Sorry I Forgot You” ( their title not mine).

So, time for me to make strong coffee, ignore the house work and maybe draw something.Thank you for reading x


2 responses to ““…but I forget myself…”

  1. Good for you ( I did a zipwire from the top of a castle a few years ago – terrified myself!) The project looks brilliant, been enjoying the link – just go for it. Your work is great, your designs are unique, very unusual, fresh, and suited to so many things.
    On the subjects of motivation and procrastination –
    I’m just reading “Creating a Life worth Living” by Carol Lloyd ‘A practical course in career design for artists, innovators and others aspiring to a creative life’. Some interesting stuff you might like. If you haven’t read it, send me your snail mail address and I’ll pop it in the post when I’ve finished it. x

    • Thank you Jules.I got even more scared last weekend…more Lakeland adventures! That book sounds interesting, its always good to have a book recommended.I’ll e-mail you my address if you’re sure you can part with it, very very kind of you.xx

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