“Meet on the Ledge”…

The sun came out yesterday and taunted all those who had returned to work after the weekend. August Bank Holiday… cold,wet and windy;so much so that I was driven outside with a roll of gaffer tape to seal up air vents that were rattling wildly and making me crazy. Nevermind, yesterday was so beautiful it almost made up for it. The air was full of Lilies and Sweet-Peas, bees on the Lavender and those Swallows I waited for in April, now gathering on the wires ready to head South.

I’ve been making some sketchbook pages for no reason in particular; drawing,collageing and stitching. The Swallow looks a bit odd, but they just don’t stay still for long enough!

Recently Witchmountain has been living up to its name and talking about real mountains. These pictures were taken from the top of Blencathra in the Lake District where I was all of these things :- cold, wet,tired, terrified, angry, laughing hysterically,elated,emotional and dizzy. We crossed Sharp Edge which felt to me like a cartoon mountain top, all jagged triangles and swirling mist.Luckily it wasn’t until we got back that I realised just how many people had slipped and fallen from the very place I was sitting “a cheval”, like a fool in a pair of ancient green Doc Martens with rainbow laces.

Higher than a passing plane, both literally and metophoricaly, these mini adventures in the beautiful North are the best sort of medicine for a still fragile heart. Ok, enough soppy introspection! if anyone would like to give me a big parcel of money I would very much like to attend this…

I’ve mentioned Nick Bantock before, he lives and works on Vancouver Island and both Lindsey and I are big fans of the Griffin and Sabine trilogy.This exhibition is in Denver so maybe I won’t make it… but one day I will go to that island to meet some bears,do a collage workshop and exorcise some ghosts along the way.

I’m going outside now.


2 responses to ““Meet on the Ledge”…

  1. love love love your sketch… you put colors together so well!

    Your photos are stunning… makes me miss Alaska (lived there nearly 15 years). I have been feeling amiss lately.. and your photos struck me.. we usually do a family backpack trip up into Mt Rainier Nat Park….. we have been so crazy this year… we didn’t even go for a hike… it is the best medicine for head & heart. ~*~

  2. Wow, amazing photos and I love the swallow design, gorgeous! Of course, I will be very happy to send you the book Kim – I hope it will be useful.x

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