“Powder Blue”

Well, I think last time I wrote I was recovering from altitude sickness after a scary day out in the mountains ( I know I’m a drama queen!)Now the fear of falling has been replaced by the fear that I’m not going to be able to finish this sketchbook by the deadline ( sometime in January) and that I will get complete and terminal creative block. So far I’ve completed one double page and yes its all very “pretty” but…well, I’ll keep you posted, I’m not massively inspired I have to admit.Some of the links on the Sketchbook Project blog are really interesting though, too easy to waste hours browsing and not “doing”.

My daughter started art college at CCAD last week so maybe I can steal some of her ideas!Today we met up for lunch at the lovely Cafe Bahia in the  Middlesbrough and quite by chance bumped into Bob from Tubbyphunk. Bob is a graphic designer and DJ who has done a lot of work with students at CCAD, in fact he designed our degree show catalogue which you can see on his website( and in earlier posts here, June 2008 I think). The cafe owner recognised us from an earlier visit and for a few moments Middlesbrough seemed to be a very friendly little place!

Anyway, back on Witchmountain I’m almost glad that Autumn is here, giving me an excuse to light the stove and prepare for hibernation! So while the night draws in and the wind batters the yellowing garden, I’m keeping cozy with a big mug of coffee and page two of the sketchbook.

Reading:“Here At the End of the World We Learn to Dance” by Lloyd Jones , Listening to: ” A History of the World in 100 Objects” Radio4 and “Cloudbusting” Kate Bush….oh, and the wind.


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