“Creating a Life Worth Living”

Yesterday I received two things that should be helping me use my time more productively.The first was a book called “Creating a Life Worth Living” by Carol Lloyd and it was very kindly passed on to me by Jules from Adventures in Thread , the second was a link to a very funny article by Charlie Brooker. As a reaction to being bombarded with information by Google Instant, as well as the other distractions the internet provides, Brooker recommends the “Pomedoro Technique”.The fact that I then spent time reading related articles and then telling people about it on Facebook instead of DOING something kind of proved a point.

Well, today I have been busy messing up the kitchen with some screen printing and heat transfering on little t-shirts with the idea of selling them at the November Designers Marketplace. I’ve also been doodling in the sketchbook which I’m finding quite hard…the paper is very thin and it is also very small (20x13cm). The subject (“I’m Sorry I Forgot You”) was chosen from a list so don’t worry if you think some of the words are a bit odd, I’m not having some kind of relapse.

Tiny little bits of each page are pleasing me but overall I’m as negative as ever!Now, I think I can smell burning t-shirt, I’d better check the steamer! If any of you are at a loose end this weekend this looks like it might be fun…

Personally I’m not a big fan of London pigeons, or those in any city actually, but I’m sure Selvedge and the V&A can make them look lovely!


One response to ““Creating a Life Worth Living”

  1. Thank you for the mention Kim, I hope a huge surge of productivity and creativity is on the way!

    Love the pigeon idea!

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