Where’s my bed of roses?

Today has been a day of introspection and harsh analysis of life on Witchmountain. I have spent the past two days making tiny t-shirts, for the Designer’s Market in November, and at times enjoying the almost mindless, repetition of stitch…like some sort of rosary.Even so I feel frustrated, knowing that really this is not a way to make a living, or even to achieve happiness through creativity.Until something changes this will remain a hobby and I will remain a waitress!

I had some useful feedback from a gallery in Edinburgh, the Red Door. They basically confirmed some of the things I already thought but rejection is never sweet! On top of this I got a message confirming that the rest of my freelance designs are due to be returned this week so a plan of action is very much needed…

Please don’t think this is entirely negative…I suppose I could just make out I was madly successful and living in a bed of roses but I’ve always thought the whole point of this blog was to tell it how it is. I worry that certain career paths are sold to us at art college and then reality bites and it is so easy to give up. I’m sitting here surrounded by threads and paint and pots of dye so I haven’t admitted defeat yet, even though my “bed” is more rose thorns than flowers!

Little things,tiny pleasures, like the fading purples of the heather,berry colours in the hedgerows, sunset on the top of the moor, new bread and a fresh pot of coffee…keep on keeping on.


3 responses to “Where’s my bed of roses?

  1. Kim… one of the most impressive things about finding your blog was your love of what you do. I am always impressed with your honesty and today is no different. I truly believe your artwork is unique and fabulous and I hope you continue BELIEVING in your dream. I KNOW it’s out there. It is for all of us!!!!

  2. found your blog and had to comment on how much i love your embroidery work and designs on these sweet shirts.

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