“Puncture Repair”

Today was such a beautiful day on Witchmountain that it was impossible to stay inside in the gloomy kitchen.There is something exciting and energizing about the changing of seasons; the bit where the air feels and smells different and the light changes subtly.Warm days in September feel like stolen time before the dark comes and I’ve been feeling the urge to nest and prepare for hibernation!

I found an ounce of motivation in the back of the cupboard and have been using it to add bits to my sketchbook, as well as taking a trip to the Zillah Bell Gallery with some framed pieces in the hope that they might be willing to show them later in the year. Fingers crossed I guess.

I’ve become a big fan of red thread as you can see, as well as news-type and postage ephemera.The paper is SO thin I’m having to glue up to 4 pages together to make a surface strong enough to paint or stitch on.You can see my Sketchbook Project portfolio, as it develops, here.

So, here on the moor the heather has faded to brown again and the bees have been taken back to the lowlands. The Autumn Equinox today ( well 3am tomorrow actually) means we’re on the downward turn to Winter but just look how amazing it all looks just now!

Still I’m snuggled by the radiator listening to the rain on the window now and Its time to do some more red stitching before bed. I’m listening to this and feeling thankful for all the lovely people who have helped turn a massively flat tyre into a fairly reliable slow puncture!


3 responses to ““Puncture Repair”

  1. LOVE the red thread……. and your description of today is the perfect way to enter Autumn…… Gorgeous scenery. Thanks for sharing it all!!! xoxoxo

  2. I am with you… I love hibernating. Where you live is incredibly gorgeous!!! I can only imagine the scent of fall on the moors… drink deep~ I loved to hole up for the winter when I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. We were on 63 acres … we cut wood for the fire. watched the northern lights & skied out our back door. Life was simple..

  3. Wow Lisa, that sounds amazing, I would LOVE to see the Northern Lights ….and bears!

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