“All Clouds The Sky…”

I uploaded these pictures a few days ago when everything was still sparkly and the air smelled of Autumn. Since then the cold and wet has come, especially the wet! On Friday the school taxi couldn’t get here because the road was flooded and the water in the taps did its usual trick of turning brown and gritty and undrinkable. My sunflowers blew away in the wind and the kitchen log burner is now on full time.

Hurray for the smell of burning logs and stove top coffee bubbling to syrup!

So, these wonderful mushrooms were collected for a project Sara was doing at CCAD. I had intended to draw them as well but by the time I found a moment they had wrinkled up…actually I must go and check if they’re still in the living room,ugh!

Instead I have been finishing off another tiny T-shirt and looking at some more designs that were returned this week. I had forgotten just how much hard work I put into the designs I did for New Leaf and it was sobering but also quite encouraging to re examine them with a fresh eye.Despite everything we learned at college and the experience of being a freelance designer I’m still at a loss as to how on earth the industry works ; more to the point, how is it possible to make money as a designer!

Someone who has certainly been busy is Katy Howieson an recent graduate from the CCAD  Textiles and Surface Design Degree. She is working as a designer maker and managing to get her work into a lot of shops and galleries in the area. Have a look at her blog, it has some great mood boards and she is inspiring in her dedication to her work!I just had a message from Lindsey of Nakupenda who is currently in Tanzania; another inspiring friend who will hopefully be sharing a stall with me at the Designers Marketplace in November ( I’m also looking forward to some Zebra stamps from Africa dropping through my letterbox).

So, with this picture of a salvaged sunflower I will leave you and set my mind to my next project, surely one of my bright ideas will turn out to be a good one!?

Listening to: “Always” Junip . Reading:”The Good Hope” a play by Herman Heijermans/Lee Hall ( this because I have been bamboozled into rejoining the village theater and appearing in this in November…more of which later!)


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