Goodness,October! Yesterday there was brief respite from the wind and rain; a perfect Autumn day which I spent stacking logs, thank goodness they weren’t delivered today! The water here is now so horrible , due to the rain, that I’m thinking its probably safer to do what they used to do in the “old days” and drink only beer or maybe whiskey…

So, here are some details of designs which I’d done for New Leaf. As I said, I’d forgotten the amount of detail I’d put into some of these designs and yet again I’m wondering what on earth to do with nearly 200 garment shapes…answers on the back of a postcard please! Actually, maybe I should go looking for a new agent and give the freelance thing another go ???

Well, I really must get some more work done now. I’ve been busy with those t-shirts and I’d promised myself not to start any new things or buy any new materials before I’d got them all done. But I really want to…digital print some fabric, laser cut some brooches, make some baby shoes, write a book, do some drawing, visit some galleries, travel to Italy…guess I’m going to have to start getting up early.

These beautiful flowers are the last survivors from my garden and were a birthday bouquet for my parents. I love the moody colours and the way they go so well with the Tillyer watercolour on the wall behind.

Just time to mention the lovely giveaway over on Katy Howieson’s blog. I’m spreading the word but I reckon its about time I won something, its about time my luck changed. Isn’t it?

Reading: …any suggestions? I’ve nearly finished the book I’ve been reading. Listening to : Rain rain rain rain rain


3 responses to “Coalescence

  1. could you please pass my details onto Trevor Swales
    many thanks

  2. Fabulous designs Kim.

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