Autumn Blues

Autumn is probably my favorite season; I will say this in Winter, Spring and Summer too I bet! Nothing compares to the scents and sensations of an Autumn walk through crispy leaves though. I just had to go down to the postbox to get some air and stretch my legs after a morning sewing and listening with slight dread to the Government Spending Revue …

Yesterday I went down to Middlesbrough to meet the people at Zap Creatives who are  a company specializing in laser cutting. I’m hoping to do some work experience with them as well as getting some of my designs cut. I first heard of Zap through Lindsey Murray who has some lovely laser cut brooches in her Etsy shop. Looking at their Facebook page I was interested and infuriated by the news that Claire’s Accessories had “stolen” the artwork of an independent  designer and put it into production; with a tiny alteration. It saddens me that big companies feel the need to do this; even as a freelance designer I was told by one agent to “visit Top Shop and change their design slightly”!! Celebrate originality, buy handmade.

Just look at that BLUE, the colours are amazing and the burnt orange of the dead bracken almost exactly matches the laces on my new shoes!

Well, its nearly time for me to drag myself to work now and hope that my poorly neck holds out during a night of waitressing and bar-tending…

Reading : “The Handmade Marketplace”Kari Chapin, “The Worms Can Carry Me To Heaven” Alan Warner.

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