The Elves and the Shoemaker

As I write this I am still doped up on Ibuprofen and and wearing a very cozy heat pack on my poorly neck.Its been frustrating to be physically hobbled just as I was starting to enjoy a bit of fresh air and exercise( actually I blame the exercise!) . But being unable to go to work at the pub has also freed me to be more creative.I’ve been getting carried away making these little baby slippers which are cute as pie. I wish I had had the time to make some for my own babies before they grew giant feet!

I’m now starting to worry that my supply of old cream wool blankets is running low and the grey (fake) lambskin was given to me by a college friend, so I will have to go on a materials hunt soon. I want to make the soles non slip without using leather, any ideas?

This week I’ve also been listing a few new things on Etsy. Trouble is there is so much I want to make but I don’t think my workspace (or my mind) is organized enough! I wish I had a spare room so that things could be left out without the risk of a pin in the pasta…

Anyway, at the moment I’m feeling quite energetic as far as the creative side of things goes; just annoyed that I will soon have to down tools and drag my aching neck/shoulder/arm to work lifting plates of steak and kidney!Time to become more disciplined and make a huge effort to earn some money through my little stitching fingers! Oh that reminds me, Rachel Powell has just set up Thread which is a new site for members of the North East Fashion Network. Have a look and get signed up if you want to be part of the “happening” scene up here in the North!

Just time to thank Lyndsay McBean , talented poster and card designer, for her kind blog post about my little boots!Spread the Love ( as it says on Marmite jars)  x


5 responses to “The Elves and the Shoemaker

  1. Sorry to hear you are aching… A nice hot bath in Epsom Salts, Baking Soda & Salt w/lavender essence for 20 min will do wonders!!!
    You little shoes are sooooooo adorable!! I think that is your niche! WOW wishing my guy still had that little of feet… do you make them for 13 year olds with size 11 hairy hobbit feet… yikes!
    Hope you are feeling better… ~*~

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Tell me about it, My son’s shoes are like canoes!! Aw, remember those tiny little toes! Thanks Lisa, I will try your bath remedy, no lavender essence though so I may have to chuck a bunch of fresh lavender in and hope it doesn’t block the plughole!x

  2. get off facebook!
    i think you have deffo found something that is gonna sell with those booties kim!! 🙂 xx

  3. Hope you are feeling back to normal soon Kim. And the bootees are just sooo adorable – but could you make them in a ladies 3 1/2? That would be just perfect! x

  4. My husband always jokes to me when he leaves “Whatever you do don’t exercise!” I can’t tell you how many injuries I have gotten from “exercising” I adore the boots I am giving this link to a friend of mine who has a little one. These make me wish I could shrink my own:)

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