Feeling the Chill

The first flurries of snow fell yesterday and I was remembering the Moomin Snow Lanterns that I built on this wood block last winter.Whenever it happens the first proper snow fall will be a surprise and a delight…at first anyway.Today however, it is bright and fresh;golden leaves from the Big Oak tree snowing past the window,sunlight highlighting the bits of the kitchen that need cleaning!

I’m proud of myself today because I didn’t sleep late and not only that but I tackled the HUGE pile of unopened letters, bills, junk mail and application forms that have been threatening to engulf  every work surface in the room. I’ve just had to shell out for a new printer as well so my next job is trying to install it on this poor old Mac (who is already begging for mercy and a peaceful retirement) and then print out all the bits and pieces that need to go in my files ( invoices, Etsy sales etc)

Here is a small selection of things ready for Designer’s Marketplace on the 28th of this month, including two new pairs of tiny boots and some lavender filled brooches.There is also going to be a bi-monthly market in Newcastle starting in December in conjunction with the Biscuit Factory and its offshoot the Holy Biscuit.

Right, before I start on some more sewing and things I’m going to treat myself to another coffee, some silence and a bit of reading. Mr Wainwright and his meticulous little drawings will  have to help me escape for the moment ,as since my last post, the Behemoth van has met an untimely death ,weekends in the Lakes will not be so easy for a while.

(Reading: “Fellwanderer” A Wainwright. Listening to: a bit of silence )


2 responses to “Feeling the Chill

  1. i told a friend of mine who lives near newcastle about your blog sent her this post she had just been to the biscuit factory and now she might try to make your market she is crazy about handmade goods. I wish you luck at the craft fair but looking at all your wonderful offerings you won’t need it:)

    • It would be great to see your friend if she makes it to the Designer’s Market. Make sure she says Hi.I’m hoping to have a fun day playing shops…but it won’t be as pretty as the ones on your blog! I just realised you are in Italy, ooh, I wish I was right now! x

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